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Documentáriso em Geral: Through the Wormhole | 1 Temporada | (apresentado por Morgan Freeman)

Science has been highlighting what VP of Production Bernadette McDaid calls the "Rock Stars of Science",[2] such as Michio Kaku and Brian Cox "We wanted to merge our 'Rock Stars of Science' and merge that with the superstars of pop culture".[2] When Deborah Myers, the Science Channel's general manager, heard that Morgan Freeman was very interested in things to do with the universe and space and "asks the big philosophical questions",[2] she approached Freeman and his producer and proposed making a series together.[2]
In February, 2011 Sean Carroll confirmed on his Twitter page that he has started shooting Season 2 of Through the Wormhole.[3] On May 17, 2011 Discovery confirmed the second season will be premiering on Science on June 8, 2011.[4]

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