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Documentários BBC: Africa's Desert Garden

Documentrio que retrata a beleza dos jardins desertos da Africa.


This film chronicles the magical transformation of a landscape. Every spring, a barren stretch of land 100 km inland from South Africa’s west coast is briefly transformed into the largest flower show on the planet. Thousands of brightly colored species are pollinated by oil collecting bees within the few precious weeks before the blazing summer heat turns the garden to dust.

Meerkats, ostriches and sheep also prevail in the springtime season of Namaqualand. But as summer approaches, these animals struggle to eke out an existence. Relief is found down the coast where icy but nutrient rich Atlantic waters rise up against Namaqualand’s shores. Summer is the perfect time for marine animals to breed.

Half a million Cape fur seals and Cape gannets settle on beaches and rock to breed. Jackals roam the long beaches for food and seals prey on chicks of their neighbors. After seven months of scorching heat and searing winds, great Antarctic rainstorms sweep north and pound Africa’s west coast. Through the cold passage of winter, the desert slowly turns green and Namaqualand once again becomes the greatest garden on earth.


Duração: ~50min
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